Education, Training and Simulations

Expertise –

  • Developing curricula for courses in military history, defense planning, and military doctrine
  • Guiding institutions interested in National Security Affairs in developing  or improving programs
  • Advising on development and assessment of training programs
  • Providing expertise in  and plans for Knowledge Development and Engineering for Constructive, Virtual and Live Simulations
  • Providing and guiding Gaming Exercises, to include assessment procedures

Experience –

  • Professor and Department Head of Military Strategy and Operations at the National War College
  • Professor of Military History at the United States Military Academy
  • Chief Analyst  for the Joint Analysis Enabling Capabilities (JAEC ) team  that assessed the progress of joint training transformation in DoD.
  • Architect and Project lead for Knowledge Acquisition and Engineering for the Army’s Warfighters Simulation (WARSIM)
  • Participant in virtual, live and constructive simulations.
  • Chief of Assessments for the Naval War College’s Global War Gaming exercises in the eighties and nineties.
  • Chief Assessor for the Army’s Future Forces Game (Army After Next) at the Army War College