Readiness Systems, Performance Measurement, and Evaluation

Expertise –

  • Advising on current DoD Readiness systems, to include Defense Readiness and Reporting System (DRRS), and supporting Service Systems, such as DRRS-N and DRRS-A
  • Developing and constructing Mission Essential Task Lists (METL)
  • Guiding and providing recommendations on performance measurement development and evaluation
  • Educating others on readiness systems, performance measurement and evaluation 

Experience –

  • Consultant to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Readiness
  • Analyst for the origin and proof of principle for the development of the Defense Readiness Reporting System
  • Chief Analyst for the Joint Capability Assessment Capability (JAEC) Directorate in its evaluation of Training Transformation
  • Participant in the development of performance measures and assessment of training and education programs for training transformation
  • Advisor and Participant in Quadrennial Defense Reviews of 2001 and 2009