Strategic Planning & Operations

Expertise –

  • Developing strategic plans through the ends-ways-means framework.
  • Developing and constructing national and theater strategic plans
  • Conducting mission analysis
  • Guiding and providing recommendations on the DoD Planning, Progamming, Budget and Execution System (PPBES) and the Joint Strategic Planning System (JSPS) and their processes and products.
  • Writing key position papers and presenting briefings on these plans, procedures and processes
  • Educating others on strategic planning and operations
  • Providing services on measures of performance and measures of effectiveness in support of strategic planning

Experience –

  • Principal Strategic Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; representative on strategic matters and planning to the Combatant Commanders.
  • Principal Advisor to the Chief of Staff Army on NATO Contingency Planning and Defense Planning Questionnaire (DPQ)
  • Participant in deliberations in the NATO Defense Review Committee (DRC) and the Military Committee (MC)
  • Co Author and Author, respectively of the National Military Strategy and the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP)
  • Participant in the National Security Council’s National Security Strategy, the Defense Department’s Quadrennial Defense Reviews (QDR), development of Defense Guidance (DG), Strategic Planning Guidance (SPG), Contingency Planning Guidance (CPG), and the Guidance for the Employment and Development of the Force (GEF and GDF).
  • Lecturer, Guest Speaker, and Professor of Military Strategy and Operations at the National and Service War Colleges.